Persian, Urdu: under-, over-, etc.


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Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi:Too little too late
Qureshpor said:
The mangoes in this orchard are not ripe-enough [under-ripe]
The mangoes in that orchard are too-ripe
NB. ripe-enough [under-ripe] is not the same as un-ripe [kachche]
Alfaaz said:
Would the following translations be appropriate?

رسیدہ/نضیج - ripe
نارسیدہ/غیر نضیج - unripe
کم رسیدہ/نضیج - underripe
بیش رسیدہ/نضیج - overripe

The mangoes are not ripe enough. -
آم حسبِ ضرورت رسیدہ نہیں ہیں
Urdu: self-conscious/insecure
Shiekh_14 said:
If lack of confidence is عدم اعتماد, then would overconfidence be پر اعتماد or زائد اعتماد?

  • Would the translation attempts for unripe, underripe, overripe be considered grammatically correct?
    • More specifically, would such use of کم، بیش/زائد as prefixes similar to under-, over- be considered acceptable, or is the "_____ از حدّ" format (listed in various Persian and Urdu online dictionaries) the only possible option - کم/بیش و زائد از حدّ?
  • Are there any other words or phrases used to convey these meanings?
  • ebrahim

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    ripe: رسیده
    unripe: نارس
    overripe: بیش از حد رسیده، خیلی رسیده
    underripe: نیمرس

    overconfidence: بیش اعتمادی، اعتماد به نفس کاذب