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    In the film آواز گنجشکها, Karim goes to Tehran hoping to get his daughter’s hearing aid repaired.

    While he is revving up his motorbike an official jumps on (this in itself is very interesting to me as he just jumps on without asking permission – perhaps he thinks that Karim looks poor and must need the money) and tells him to take him to such and such a place.

    Upon arriving at his destination he tells Karim off for taking the long way round and asks him how much he owes him: چه قدر شد؟. Karim says, “هر چه کلمت” (har che kalamet) meaning, “Whatever you like. / As much as you want.” How do you say this idiomatically in Persian? Is “هر چه کلمت” correct, or have I misheard?

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    I think it should be "هر چی کرمت" it means "هر چی کرم تو هست" or "هر چقدر بخشش تو هست"
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    هر چقدر كرمت است or هرچقدر كرمته actually mean: هر چقدر بيشتر، بهتر. خودت متناسب با بخشش و دست و دلبازي كه داري يك پيشنهاد بده
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    Many thanks – that’s really rather a lovely way to put it: “However great your generosity is, give me that amount (that reflects its extent).” Much nicer in Persian than in English!

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