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Arabic (Egypt).
This is a question I was asked by someone and I didn't know the answer.
After roaming the Internet for some time I found some information but I'm not very sure about it. The information I found was about cuneiform caligraphy, but this is very old, what did it evolute into ?
I wonder if some more knowledgable forer@ could help me with this question, and I'd be grateful if you can provide sources too.
The question is : what was the old Persian script or writing system.... before the Arabic alphabet was adopted ?

Thanks for everyone :)

P.S. Please excuse my poor English :eek:
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    Hello Cherine,

    First off, your English is very good.

    Secondly, I don't know if I am more knowledgeable, but maybe I can offer some assistance.

    I found this here. (I imagine this must be what you found.) Old Persian was a script developed for the language. It is not cuneiform like other cuneiform scripts, but is classified as a syllabic script. If You found cuneiform there must be somehting earlier.

    From there I found this. In about the third century BCE the Pahlavi script was adopted for Persian and was used until about the 9th century CE. It was an adaptation of the Aramaic script. After the Islamic conquests this script was slowly replaced by the modified version of the Arabic script we know today.

    Also of interest might be the Avestan script.

    Well, hopefully I have presented some stuff that you did not find in your search and thus was of help. Hopefully someone else will come along and add.


    Arabic (Egypt).
    Thanks Josh, this is very good stuff. Actually, I didn't find this site for the simple reason that I was looking in French (The guy's French, and I hoped to get the answer in the same language I was asked :) ) But that's ok, I think he speaks English too, and I'll summarise the info in French just in case he doesn't.
    Thanks again :)
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