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Discussion in 'Indo-Iranian Languages' started by CairaC, Dec 5, 2006.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm new and I'm trying to make a thank you card for my girlfriend ... she is Iranian and I would like to surprise her with this.

    Can anyone type out the word(s) "Thank You", in Farsi, ascutally I am looking for something allong the lines of a very dear thank you ... like a "God Bless" kind of "Thank You".

    Could anyone please help me out?

    Thank you.
  2. Tisia Senior Member

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    Here are few lines you can write:

    - Thanks/thank you my dear: ممنون عزيزم (mamnun azizam)
    - Thank you very much my dear: خيلي ممنونتم عزيزم (khaili mamnunetam azizam)

    - Thank you my dear: مرسي عزيزم (merci azizam)

    If you can give me the phrases I can translate them. I am not really good in coming up with these phrases. Just ask if you have more questions or if this is not what you want.

  3. CairaC New Member

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    Oh nice ... These are GR8 great, thank you ..... I don't think I will need much more .... .I will however keep this thread in mind if I happen to need something translated, of that nature of course.

    Thank you once again =)

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  4. panjabigator

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    What are they in Kurdish?
  5. Tisia Senior Member

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    In Kurdish you can say this in different ways in different provinces in Iran, but here is phrase said mainly in Kurdistan province of Iran and in Kurdistan of Irak.

    Thanks/thank you very much my dear: زور سوپاس ئازيزم (zor sopas azizem).

    The person addressed is someone's love, for the word 'dear' one could say خوشه ويست (khoshawist) rather than ئازيز (aziz).


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