Persian zerang "smart" and Avestan zara "effort"


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Persian - Iran
Are Persian zerang/زرنگ "smart" and Avestan zara "effort" cognates please?

*gher- (2)
Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to like, want."

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit haryati "finds pleasure, likes," harsate "is aroused;" Avestan zara "effort, aim;" Greek khresthai "to lack, want; use, make use of," kharis "grace, favor," khairein "to rejoice, delight in;" Latin hortari "exhort, encourage, urge, incite, instigate;" Russian zhariti "awake desire, charm;" Old English giernan "to strive, desire, yearn;" Gothic gairnei "desire."
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