persistent high levels of unemployment

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I have written the following sentence and have issues with some of the elements in it.

  • The program deals with broader labour market problems, such as persistent high levels of unemployment, shortage of skilled workers, poor employability of persons with disabilities, and the gender pay gap.
My problem is:

persistent high levels of unemployment. Is there a better way to say this? It sounds a bit awkward. Is this a better way to say it "prolonged periods of high unemployment"?
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    "Persistent high levels of unemployment" is fine, and I doubt you can improve on it, unless it does not mean what you want to say. "Levels of unemployment" refers to the proportion of people out of work. If you want to refer to how long individuals are out of work for then "prolonged" might be a suitable word, but you would need to change the expression quite a bit to incorporate this meaning. "Prolonged periods of high unemployment" has a slightly different meaning from "persistent high levels of unemployment" (it suggests there have also been periods of low unemployment, which the original phrase makes no mention of), but isn't as good or as common an expression, in my opinion.
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