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Good day!

I'm searching for terms used for people who stand between the best-off and worst-off in a society (i.e. the middle class).

I'm interested in all terms - not only in modern context. Also slang and archaic words are of interest.

I know bourgeois, but would like to know if there are others.

Thank you!
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    A long time ago the middle classes were often referred to as the middling sort.

    I also just found this in my dictionary of slang:
    boojee/boojie/boojum/boojy/bourgie n. [1950s>] (orig. US Black) a bourgeois, middle-class, thus law-abiding Black (equally applicable to Whites). [from Standard English bourgeois]
    I've never heard this before and have no idea if it's still in use.

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    I heard "bourgie" used as an adjective many years ago here in the UK. As I recall, the tone was rather sneering.

    As for standard English bourgeois - I haven't heard anyone speak the word in years. In the UK at least, I think the word tends to be used to show disapproval of, or to mock, middle-class mores.
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    It depends on what these middle-class people are doing.

    Try 'Middle England' and 'the chattering classes' which is especially derogatory.
    The chattering classes is a generally derogatory[1] term first coined by Auberon Waugh[2] often used by pundits and political commentators to refer to a politically active, socially concerned and highly educated section of the "metropolitan middle class",[1] especially those with political, media, and academic connections.
    There's also 'bobos', if I remember rightly, for bourgeois bohemians, French in origin I believe; and of course there's the 'BoJo', a rare upper middle-class English type of male, Oxford-educated classicist-cum-buffoon in urgent need of a Trumpian hair stylist.

    We're not supposed to make lists. :)
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