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I've noticed the dictionary translates "person of color" into Spanish as "persona de color". I'd like to suggest adding "persona racializada", an expression that's been in use for a while now and it's even preferred over "persona de color", which is starting to fall in disuse (the most common explanation states that "persona racializada" highlights underlying power relations, whereas "persona de color" would be more superficial). In fact, in spaces and discourses where racial issues are central, such as activism, its usage is now almost unanimous, and it's also recommended in press articles and other publications.

- This Guía antirracista para periodistas hispanohablantes en los Estados Unidos constantly uses "racializada" and avoids "de color".
- This article from the USA press [npr.org] even suggests "persona de color" is already an inaccurate translation, although it focuses on its usage in European Spanish:
"To make things more confusing, Spanish media translated "person of color" literally — persona de color — a phrase that, in Spain, isn't used in the same way as in the United States. While different Spanish-speaking countries have variations of the concept, in Spain the term persona racializada is usually used instead."​
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    Gracias por tu interés en nuestros diccionarios. Se añadió persona racializada a las traducciones propuestas en esta entrada. Sin embargo, la traducción principal seguirá siendo persona de color ya que no pude encontrar evidencia clara del uso en aumento de persona racializada (ni el CORPES ni Ngram Viewer arrojan resultados). Los cambios efectuados se verán reflejados una vez que nuestras bases de datos se actualicen en los próximos meses.