Person who can not pronounce the letter 'R'

Discussion in 'English Only' started by AL PACINO, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. AL PACINO New Member

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    Hello evreybody.

    I have a question that crossed my mind last night, and I didn't find the ansewr.

    What do we called The person who can not pronounce the letter 'R'?

    And pre-thanks.
  2. maxiogee Banned

    The expression for such an inability is "he has a lisp."
    There is no noun to describe such a person.

    There is an English television personality who shows how life can be cruel. He is unable to pronounce the letter "r" - his name? Jonathon Ross!
  3. Kelly B

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    I thought lisp only involved the s as well, though I don't know that for sure. A general term that includes both of these issues is speech impediment, but I don't know a more specific one for the r.
  4. Nevermore Senior Member

    British English, England
    The inability to pronounce the r is called rhotacism, although this can also refer to several other phenomena. The adjectival form is rhotacistic, but I doubt many people would know what you meant if you said something like "my friend's rhotacistic", so I wouldn't use it unless you're prepared to explain the meaning.
  5. maxiogee Banned

    Chambers English Dictionary says
    lisp to pronounce certain sounds with the tongue against the upper teeth or gums, as th for s or z;

    It was that word "certain" which allowed me to use the word to cover the "r" problem.
  6. cirrus

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    UK English
    I am not aware of a word. We'd say that person can't roll their Rs. I'm sure there is a pun in there somewhere.

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