Persona de Existencia Ideal

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    Argentinean Spanish

    How can I translate "Persona de Existencia Ideal" (Argentinean meaning)?

    Would be "Corporation" or "Legal Person"?

    I also found "Person of ideal existance" but I y=think it does not fit to the meaning.

    Thank you in advance for your help
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    Diccionario de sinonimos juridicos - Google Books Result
    Laura Casado - 2004 - Law - 168 pages
    Persona de existencia ideal: Legal entity. Persona de existencia visible: Natural person. Persona ficticia: Artificial person. ...

    "Person of ideal existence" sounds like a machine translation.

    Glosario internacional para el traductor‎ - Page 669
    Marina Orellana - Language Arts & Disciplines - 2003 - 768 pages
    ... person under international law, having juridical status under
    international law de ... e,g, municipality) de existencia ideal: (leg) juridical
    person, ...

    Diccionario de Derecho Comercial/ Commercial Law Diccionary‎ - Page 331
    L. Valletta - Law - 2000 - 458 pages
    PERSONA DE EXISTENCIA IDEAL: ver Persona jurídica.

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  3. danielguelman New Member

    Argentinean Spanish
    Thank you!
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    Ideal existence person

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