persona jurídica

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by rzaera, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. rzaera Member

    spain - spanish
    Por favor,

    podéis decirme cómo se dice en inglés "Persona Jurídica"?

    Muchas gracias por anticipado
  2. Faith Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Creo que es "corporate person"
  3. lauranazario

    lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
  4. esuteban Senior Member

    español, chile
    en ese link se van mucho en lo literal, una persona juridica no es un "individuo" se refiere a una agrupación legal.

    Siendo asi, corporate person sera lo adecuado?
  5. Polizón

    Polizón Senior Member

    Legal entity es lo más común que he oído.
  6. silvia fernanda

    silvia fernanda Senior Member

    Legal entity= persona jurídica.
    Artificial person= persona jurídica o de existencia ideal
    Legal person= persona jurídica

  7. elcarnicero88 Senior Member

    "Legal person" sounds awkward in English. "Corporate entity" sounds much better.
  8. LSKRTZ69 New Member

    Spanish - Venezuela
    I have it as "Conventional Person" = Persona Jurídica o Personal Moral
  9. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

    SF Bay Area, California
    American English
    Although corporations are probably the most common form of persona jurídica, there are other types of organizations that can be persona jurídicas. Therefore I suggest "legal entity." The term "legal entity" is by far the most common term that I see in legal writing for this concept. The plural form, by the way, is "legal entities."
  10. robjh22 Senior Member

    U.S.A. & English
    Agree, "legal entity" has been most common. But "legal person" is heard with great frequency lately due to a recent and controversial decision of the Supreme Court.
  11. David

    David Banned

    You should give the context, the entire sentence or at least the preceding and following clauses. Anglo-American law distinuished between natural persons and legal persons (i.e., corporations), but the terminology to be used in translation would depend on the context. Personería jurídica, v.g., in many contexts would be "corporate registration."

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