1. marugrimaldo Member

    Panama/ Spanish
    Hola... Alguien podría darme una traducción para "personal directivo". En la oración "el seminario está dirigido a personal directivo y profesional"


  2. Julie38

    Julie38 Senior Member

    Uruguay, Español
    Yo diría: "The seminary is aimed at the directive and professional perssonnel/staff"

    Hope it helps...:)
  3. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    "directivo" is a very tricky word, which means different things in different companies. So, I would avoid translating it, and use another general term in English, "management".

    "The seminar is directed towards management and professional staff members."

  4. piripi

    piripi Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English, USA
    De acuerdo con zumac. :)

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