personal infinitive or future subjunctive

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I wonder if this sentence is correct:
É melhor se você me enviar o seu trabalho (It is better if you send me your work).
Is this a case of the personal infinitive or the future subjunctive?
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    Hint: since these tenses are equal for regular verbs I suggest to use the same sentence (or a similar one) using an irregular verb, like: fazer, poder, trazer, saber, dar.

    I'll replace enviar (regular) with dar (irregular): "É melhor se você me der o seu trabalho". >>> Future subjunctive

    Teachers and scholars will show you a more standard/literary explanation but that's the way I do.

    EDIT: about the sentence I'd say it's a bit weird but not incorrect. I'd use the present subjunctive: "É melhor que você me envie o seu trabalho".
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