Personal infinitives


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In which circumstances are the personal infinitives used? I'm not entirely sure if that is the correct grammatical term, but I am talking about mondanom, mondanod, mondania... etc.? The only construction I know is the one that is used with kell.
  • The construction with kell (kellett, kellene) is indeed the most common one, but there are some others:

    muszáj (colloquial): Holnap muszáj dolgoznom. = I must work tomorrow.
    szabad: Nem szabad ilyen sok édességet enned. = You're not allowed to / shouldn't eat so many sweets.
    nincs / nem volt / nem lesz + Q word:
    Nincs mit csinálnom. = I have nothing to do.
    Nem volt hová mennünk. = We had nowhere to go.
    Nem lesz mitől félned. = You'll have nothing to be afraid of.
    van / volt / lesz + Q word:
    Van miért aggódnod? = Do you have anything to worry about?
    Nem volt mire büszkének lennie. = He had nothing to be proud of.
    Lesz hol aludnod? = Will you have anywhere to sleep?