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Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by suzi891, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. suzi891 Senior Member

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    I would like to make a German worksheet for my students, and I would like to entitle it whatever the German equivalent for "personal profile is". In it, they would have to give their name, age, favourite colour, favourite sport, etc. How would I translate "personal profile"?

  2. Frank78

    Frank78 Senior Member

    I know "Persönlichkeitsprofil" and "Steckbrief". The former sounds a bit pretentious but is used in many language books. The latter is quite colloquial.
  3. Ralf Senior Member

    Two alternative suggestions:

    "Angaben zur Person" - used in formal contexts ( e.g. CVs), comparable in register to "Persönlichkeitsprofil" as suggested above.

    "Über mich" - colloquial alternative -- especially, when information about hobbies, favourite colours, sports, pets, etc. is requested.

  4. ablativ Senior Member

    Steckbrief reminds me of a criminal person wanted by the police. See this Steckbrief.
  5. suzi891 Senior Member

    English - Australia
    Thanks everybody!

    Lots of good ideas. über mich sounds like a much nicer way of wording it than my original train of thought.
  6. Sowka

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    Hello :)

    My suggestion for your context: "Mein Steckbrief". The personal pronoun makes it more ... personal than just "Steckbrief", and to me it sounds a little humorous because there's still that "criminal" allusion in it. So I think it would be a good basis for discussing connotations and wordplays (this wording is actually used on a website and forum that I'm a member of).

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