Personal protective equipment

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Francesca Righetto

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Hi there!

Which is the best translation for "personal protective equipment (PPE)" in Czech?
I was told it is "ochranný prostředek", but I looked it up and apparently it also means "condom" :confused: and I want to avoid using the wrong word.

Thanks a lot
  • bibax

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    Czech (Prague)
    We use the term PPE usually in plural:

    (osobní) ochranné prostředky (plur.) = (personal) protective means;
    ochranné pomůcky (plur.) = protective aids (like helmets, goggles, gloves, ...);
    ochranné oděvy (plur.) = protective clothing (like chemical protective suits);

    prostředek (m. sing.) = means;
    pomůcka (f. sing.)= aid (tool);
    oděv (m. sing.) = (a piece of) clothing, suit;

    osobní (adj.) = personal (quite redundant in a proper context);

    Při práci užívejte ochranné pomůcky! = Use protective aids at work/when working!

    You are right that condom (preservativ in Czech) is also considered an 'ochranný prostředek/pomůcka' (a protective aid) in Czech.
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