Personal Qualification (Terms and Conditions)


Neutral Spanish
Hi again,

I'm having a lot of troubles with the following sentence in the context of the Terms and Conditions of an Agreement.

Bonus Entitlements
In order to be entitled to receive a monthly bonus you must, in addition to being a Leader, also meet another basic requirement: Personal Qualification.

Personal Qualification
In order to meet the monthly personal qualification you must pick up 700 points of all XXX products. [...]
My try:
Derecho a bonificaciones
Para obtener derecho a recibir bonificaciones mensuales además de estar en posición de líder deberá reunir otro requisito básico, un Reconocimiento de reserva personal.

Reconocimiento de reserva personal
Para cumplir con los requisitos mensuales de su Reconocimiento de reserva personal, deberá acumular 700 puntos en productos de XXX. [...]
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