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Hi first of all for the previous help eventhough I'm only able to see the replies by e mail. If there is any other way please tell me.
"El mandatario se reserva siempre la facultad de reasumir personería y y nombrar nuevos sustitutos..."
The text is a general power of attorney and this a sentence in a referral
My attempt:"The power grantor keeps the faculty to resume its legal person authority and designate new substitutes..."

I used legal person because in this case the power grantor is an anonymous society. I just couldn't find an exact word for personería in English.
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    Gracias Laura. Creo que combinarè lo que sale allì con la palabra person osèa legal person capacity.
    P.D. Lo que no se es còmo ver las respuestas desde los foros. Siempre debo esperar a que me lleguen al mail. No se si es solo para Senior Members o què. Aun no se usar bien Word Reference.
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