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Hi there !

I'm currently translating my cover letter and I have some difficulties with the following sentence :

"Je me suis dédié à la compréhension des questions stratégiques qu'affrontent nos sociétés, telles que la sécurité de l'approvisionnement en hydrocarbures, ou les nouvelles perspectives ouvertes aux compagnies occidentales par la croissance des marchés émergents".

Here is my suggestion:

"[...] the newperspectives that are open to [...]"

I don't know why, I don't think that it's correct to say "perspectives that are open to" ? What do natives think about it ?

All the best !
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    Why don't you translate it more literally? "...opened to Western companies by..." That seems perfectly understandable and idiomatic to me.


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    Yes of course you are right ! I have been scratching my head since yesterday with that one and I'm surprised how simple the solution is... !!

    Thank you very much.
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