pertes et fracas

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  1. Fowey Member

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    I am reading a novel by Susan Isaacs and came to the phrase pertes et fracas

    The whole sentence reads J'étais certaine d'être virée avec pertes et fracas du conseil d'administration.

    I cannot think of an english equivalent but wonder if unceremoniously or with a lot of fuss might fit.

    Please help.
  2. Chris' Spokesperson Senior Member

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    Try and find the sentence in the original English version perhaps?

    I think it would be quite a bit stronger than just "unceremoniously" though.
  3. Itisi

    Itisi Senior Member

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    out on your ear

    (I believe it should be 'perte' in the singular.)
  4. Gérard Napalinex

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    I confirm the plural for pertes, despite the nice pun in the translation of J.Tropper's novel

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