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    Buonasera a tutti,
    sto aiutando un amico che ha aperto aperto un bar, stiamo scrivendo il menu in inglese...

    "pesce di giornata" si può tradurre con "our fish is the catch of the day" oppure semplicemente "here we serve fresh daily fish"?.
    grazie a tutti!

    Hi everybody!
    I'm helping a friend of mine writing an English menu of typical ligurian food.
    how can we translate a fish which has been just fished?!?
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  3. Lorena1970

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    Forse "We only serve catch of the day" (Serviamo solo pesce fresco di giornata)
  4. p_l_a_z New Member

    grazie, direi che "we only serve catch of the day" potrebbe andare..... :)
  5. MR1492

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    It all depends upon what you want to say ;). At the restaurant, are the fish on the menu all freshly caught. If so, I'd avoid "catch of the day" and go with "We only serve freshly caught fish." The term (at least in AE) "catch of the day" is usually a special offered by the restaurant. However, saying "We only serve freshly caught fish" means that every fish dish on the menu is prepared using only freshly caught fish.

    Hope this helps.

  6. p_l_a_z New Member

    that's exactly what I meant, that every fish dish is prepared using fish caught the same day...
    I found "catch of the day" as a shop sign of many restaurants but I couldn't find it in any of the menu listed... so I wondered if an English speaking person could have understood it as "freshly caught fish".
    Thank you!
  7. MR1492

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    Newport News, Virginia
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    Yes, "catch of the day" is very common in AE and would be understood. However, in AE it is usually referring to one item on the menu. Remember, when used as "catch of the day", catch is a singular noun so an English speaker would make the association and assume it only applied to one item.

    Languages are tricky little devils.

  8. p_l_a_z New Member

    My aim is to avoid foreigners passing through my friend's bar and smiling or laughing because of nonsensical or meaningless menu!!! That happens very often in Italy! ;-)
  9. london calling Senior Member

    I agree with Phil.;) We only serve freshly caught fish is what I'd say to in this context.;)

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