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    I know that there are two other links about this word on wordreference, but I'm still not understanding it. Could someone please explain what pesificación is specifically, and how you would put it into English? (Not "pesify")

    Here is an example: "A diferencia del Ecuador, el Gobierno de Cristina Fernández está impulsando la pesificación de la economía, lo que significa expulsar al dólar."

    How do you "expulsar" the dollar? Did Argentina ever use the U.S. dollar?
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    Thanks for the link, danielfranco. It's the best explanation I've read yet, although you're right: It is really complicated.

    I guess I would say: "Unlike in Ecuador, the Cristina Fernández Administration is promoting an economy based on the conversion of dollars to pesos, which means abandoning the peso's peg to the dollar."

    If anyone has any other ideas, I appreciate it!
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    Well, apparently the English-speaking Economics-type peoples seem to accept "pesification" as a good stand-in for the concept. I know, I know: it's not even a real word, but it seems that it's the one used anyways…

    Good luck!
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    I would use "pesification" anyway. For English speakers a short description would be needed no matter what word you use.
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    How about "peso-ization"?
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  8. Fernando Senior Member

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    You are right.

    I find pesification, pesoization and pesofication in Google. Pesoization is awful for Spanish ears, but our vote do not count. I understand it is similar to "dollarization".

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