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  1. racingsnake1904 Member

    England, English
    Hi. In French, terms of endearment for children include 'my little cabbage' (mon petit choux) or 'my little rabbit'. Would these work in Spanish or can you tell me some common Spanish names used. How would you say 'little one' when talking to a child?
  2. Nyarlathotep

    Nyarlathotep Senior Member

    England, English
    Hi racingsnake.

    I'm English but I would say cariño/ito quizás.

    Hope this helps.
  3. roanheads Senior Member

    Scotland, english
    "Mi precioso / a"
  4. deslenguada

    deslenguada Senior Member

    "tesoro" ;)
  5. Bethlehem Senior Member

    Madrid, español
    Mi niño/a, mi bebé, mi amor, mi chiquitín... y un montón más. Todos ellos son términos igual de cariñosos que "mon petit choux".
  6. riley17 New Member

    US English
    Would these names be ok to use for kids you arent related to? For example if I was working with little kids at an elementary school, would it be creepy to call them mis tesoros? Or is there something more formal I should use?

    My Spanish teacher just called us chicos, or mis estudiantes inteligentes if we werent being dumb that day, but we're in college.
  7. Bethlehem Senior Member

    Madrid, español
    Sería raro (aunque no incorrecto) dirigirte a toda la clase diciendo "tesoros", pero lo puedes decir si te diriges a uno en concreto:
    NIÑO: ¿Puedo hacer una pregunta?
    PROFESOR: Por supuesto/Claro, tesoro.

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