Pet/Nick names for MOM, DAD, and Grandma??

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  1. jaminloren New Member

    what are some nick names for mom, dad, and grandma in french??? i already know dad can be, Pappou, or pappi. or something like that.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Quaeitur

    Quaeitur Mod'elle

    Lille, France
    Do you mean papa (dad), maman (mom) and mamie (grandma) or something other than the common ones?
  3. jaminloren New Member

    yeah those are good, thanks!
  4. lefrancophile Senior Member

    English - Canadian
    Daddy for Grandpa is said.
  5. itka Senior Member

    Nice, France
    Merci Mauricet et Dave pour ces réponses éclairantes ! J'ai appris quelque chose grâce à vous. :)

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