1. fabfab Senior Member

    France - Grenoble
    French - France

    Someone or something "petit bras" is little ambitious and do not take much risk in its achievements. The expression is informal.

    How could I express this in English?
  2. cropje_jnr

    cropje_jnr Senior Member

    Canberra, Australia
    English - Australia
    Someone who plays it safe / who plays things safe (?)
  3. Satine Senior Member

    Paris, France
    I'm not a native, but an "underachiever" maybe?
  4. jjg

    jjg Senior Member

    English - UK
    I think underachiever would be wrong here -- an underachiever usually cannot achieve, almost always used for children. For one who dare not achieve I would agree with cropj_jnr: He "plays it safe", "takes no risks", "hedges his bets", "is risk averse", ...
  5. misterk Moderator

    He plays it safe.
    He sets the bar pretty low.

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