petite majorité

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I'm just wondering how to say 'petite majorité' in English. It would be used for instance where there would not be a large gap between two candidates for an election.
I'm looking for a particular translation where there is a majority in a case hearing.

How would you translate it?
Thanks in advance!
  • Dsimson

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    Thanks for all your replies. WR is once again very helpful.

    I'm slightly confused by your reference to a 'case hearing'.
    I meant to translate the phrase when a jury, or a number of judges has to decide whether an accused person is guilty or innocent. In my case, I was dealing with a case given by the European Court of Human Rights.
    I hope your translations still work in this particular context. Sorry, I haven't made myself very clear.


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    UK English
    I would suggest that in relation to a court case anything from 'slender/narrow/slim' majority would be fine.
    (to me, as a BE speaker, 'slender' sounds more natural than 'slim', but Wildan1,as an AE speaker, suggests the opposite!)
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