peut-être à bientôt sur vos ondes


First, sorry for the previous thread, I have just realized that we are supposed to ask only a question a thread.

Well, the context is the the same: a friend of mine is sending his LP to a radio station and he wanted to conclude his e mail (humorously again) by saying
"et peut être à bientôt sur vos ondes"...
"sur vos ondes" = "on the air" ? I really have no idea as to how to translate that one !

Thanks in advance for your help!
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  • GerardM

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    Hi Killmesarah,

    I'm not an EMT so this is just a suggestion to get round the problem.

    > "et peut être à bientôt sur vos ondes"...

    Yes "sur les ondes" can be translated by "on the air" but "sur les ondes de la BBC" is "on the BBC"...
    So I would say "on your station" or "on (radio station name)".



    Thanks very much for your answer, it definitely helps!
    But in fact, I can't translate the whole sentence..."see you maybe on your station/ ..." seems very awkward to me so I suppose that's not the correct translation.
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