pewter silk

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France, French
Hello, dear Anglophone friends,
could you please tell me if the following sentence sound complete to you:
"Rich pewter silk, shot with blue, adorned the walls and upholstery."
To me, it looks like the noun is missing, as we don't know what is in pewter silk, unless "pewter silk" is an object that is shot with blue.
I'm quite confused here. I would really appreciate your help.
Thanks a bunch.
  • mgarizona

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    US - American English
    The noun missing is "fabric" but the sentence works fine without it. That 'silk fabric' is meant is understood in context.

    (And yes, the 'pewter silk' is 'shot with blue' ... is that clear now?)


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    Hi everybody,

    I was looking for a wedding dress and found one that I really like but when I have to choose a colour, I have the choice between : White/Pewter accent, Diamond White/Pewter accent, Champagne/Ivory lace with Pewter accent

    What does "Pewter accent" mean? Does it mean that there's "metal" on the dress?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    Pewter is a very unlikely metal for a wedding dress - it's surely "pewter-colour" -as Dr. Baha'i says "a shade of silvery gray". The accents are either details of, say, embroidery or once again it might mean "shot with pewter" = strié de gris étain.
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