pflegen/versorgen kranke Menschen

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    In this context, do both mean the exact same thing? Which is "to look after?" I believe there's a subtle difference but I don't get it.
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    It can be the same.
    But "Pflegen" is usually more. It includes all handlings including washing, feeding. - to care, to nurture
    "Versorgen" usually means to supply, provide things, to feed.

    In some context it is almost the same, however.

    To look after is part of "pflegen".

    Example: To bring the breakfast belongs to "versorgen", to feed belongs to "pflegen".
    To speak with the patient belongs to Pflegen.
    To train (physiotherapie) belongs to Pflegen.
    To bring medicine belongs to Versorgen. To give medicine belongs to Pflegen.

    Of course it is overlapping partially.

    See also
    I only quoted parts. The links give additional information.
    There are other contexts like gardening but I do not consider these here.
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    ahh thanks :)

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