1. vidamia Member

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    Can I get help with the translation of this phrase "phases de poule"? I'm not a sports expert but I assume this phrase means something like semi- or quarter finals?

    "Si les phases de poule se déroulent comme beaucoup l’attendent, la France devrait rencontrer la Nouvelle-Zélande en quarts de finale."
  2. Omelette

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    'group stage' or 'pool phase'- the teams are split into groups in which they play one another. The qualifiers from each group move on to the next round. It then becomes a knock-out competition.
    The term I know and which seems to be generally used is 'group stage', but I see the organisers of the Rugby World Cup call it the 'pool phase'.
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  3. jekoh Senior Member

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    It can also be used in the plural: la phase de poules.

    Les phases de poule makes it sound like there are several such stages, which is not the case here. As is almost always the case, there is just one group stage, with several pools.
  4. vidamia Member

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    Thanks for the answers!

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