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  1. mikasa_90

    mikasa_90 Banned

    1) This house is very big.
    1)Aceasta casa e foarte mare.

    2) This city is very beautiful.
    2) Aceasta oras e foarte frumoasa.

    3)This dos is called Fuffi.
    3)Acesta caine se cheama Fuffi.

    4)This hause is near to sea.
    4)Aceasta casa e aproape mare.

    5)i don't like t his t-shirt
    5)Nu' mi place aceasta bluza.
  2. (Infant)ry Banned

    Croatia, Croatian

    2) Acest oraş e foarte frumos. (nt.)

    3)Acest câine se cheama Fuffi. (masc.)

    5) Nu-mi (îmi) place acest TRICOU! (nt.)

    4) Aceasta casă e aproape DE mare.

    Non dimenticare! Quando c`è un sostantivo di genere neutro, lui funziona come un sostantivo di genere maschile al singolare, mentre al plurale, funziona come un sostantivo di genere femminile.
  3. Trisia

    Trisia mod de viață

    Nice job, Infantry! Te-ai descurcat foarte bine. Just adding a couple of diacriticals (I love nit-picking).

    1) Această casă e foarte mare.
    EDIT: I'm not correcting, really, you didn't make mistakes. Just adding those diacriticals can hardly be considered correcting :D
  4. (Infant)ry Banned

    Croatia, Croatian
    Thanks for correcting me again, Thanks all over again for everything.
  5. mikasa_90

    mikasa_90 Banned

    Why the word 'bluza' is not correct?My romanian friend told me that, maybe it is slang?

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