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  1. Elena New Member

    Hi everybody!

    Well my doubt is about ''PhD''. I know it means ''Doctor of Philosophy'', but I wondered if it also means ''Doctor of Physics''.

    Thank you very much,
    E. :p
  2. dave

    dave Senior Member

    UK - English
    No, I don't think that there is such a qualification (in the UK at least) as Doctor of Physics.

    Doctor of Philosphy can be applied to almost all academic subjects, and it is not restricted to philosophy. Therefore someone with a PhD in Physics would be a Doctor of Philosophy in Physics. The 'philosophy' bit just means that you have had to think very hard in order to get it!
  3. Doina Member

    Romania - Romanian
    My Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English says "PhD" is "Doctor of Philosophy; a University degree of very high rank, above an MA (Master of Arts) or an MSc (Master of Science), which involves doing research, or someone who has this degree".

    Never heard of PhD used for Doctor of Physics...

    Hope this helps! :)
  4. Elena New Member

    Thank you very much, both Dave and Doina, for your answers.
    It really helped me, actually, I'm writing a text about the Nobel Prize and I had that doubt.
    So, thanks a lot again.

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