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    So I have this one friend whom is doing his radiology residency in Rome, he is already an MD (Dottore in Medicina) he has 2 more years to go in order to finish his residency in radiology and then become a specialist, however this guy is listing himself as he has a PhD, can any of you help me define the meaning of PhD and let me know if what he is doing is not quite right. I always believed tha MD are not PhD unless they get into a program of research and do a dissertation which is different than an MD.

    Thx Ligea
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    I'm not in the medical field, but I believe you are correct as far as the U.S. is concerned: A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) requires independent research that culminates in a dissertation. For example, the University of Maryland offers a joint PhD/MD program, ecco qui.
  3. Hello Ligea,

    Welcome to the forums.

    Are you wanting help with translation or an answer to your question on Ph.D please?

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    Thx for the reply, I am not looking for a translation I want an answer regarding Ph.D and if my friend is using it correctly or deciving others by using this title, he is an MD in Italy in his 3rd year radiology residency but he listes himself as a PhD MD I believe that this is not right as PhD is a title that you only get in the US right and it has to do with research?

    Thx so much for all your help ...
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    According to the University of Bologna,
    So if your friend does not have a piece of paper awarding a PhD or Dottore di Ricerca degree, then he's not entitled to use that description. An MD is not the same as a PhD.

    You might want to use "Google" to find more specific information.

    Good luck!
  6. In the UK, a PhD is awarded to graduates who have written a 100,000 word thesis on a chosen topic. They are then required to answer questions. orally, on what they have written. If your friend hasn't done this then he can't put it on his qualifications.

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    Ask your friend what field his Ph.D. is in and what his disseration topic was?
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    Concordo con Elisabetta.

    Puoi tradurreil titolo con PhD solamente se è in possesso di un Dottorato (Dottore di Ricerca) o di un PhD o equivalente titolo di pari livello. (Doctoral level).

    In caso la specializzazione sia altra l'equipollenza fra i sistemi educativi è più complicata, credo sia assai probabile possa chiamare la sua specializzazione MSc or MD indicando la durata del corso e la specializzazione.

    Nel tuo caso escluderei l'utilizzo di PhD.
  9. CristinaBurke Senior Member

    Ciao, sicuramente hai già risolto, ma, tempo fa, avevo cercato anch'io il significato di PHD, così ti metto questo link, magari ti può servire.
  10. federico.marrone New Member

    Cari tutti,

    sono un giovane studente di dottorato e andando alla ricerca di borse di studio all'estero mi sono ancora una volta imbattuto in problemi relativi alla "traduzione" dei titoli di studio italiani.
    In particolare:

    un "PhD holder" è colui che ha già terminato il corso di dottorato e quindi ne detiene il titolo o colui che sta svolgendo il corso?

    che differenza c'è tra "graduate" e "postgraduate" students?

    Grazie a tutti!

  11. Parergon Senior Member

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    PhD Candidate è il termine che traduce dottorando.
  12. armandina Member

    Sulla copertina del libro che devo tradurre ci sono il nome e il cognome dell'autore seguiti da PhD. Come posso tradurlo? Avevo pensato a "dott.ssa Nome + Cognome"...Altre proproste?

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