Philippians 4:4

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  1. bellmoon14 New Member

    How do you write Philippians 4:4 in Hebrew
  2. origumi Senior Member

    You mean the verse's name as you wrote? אל הפיליפיים 4:4, or longer האגרת אל הפיליפיים 4:4.

    Or maybe you need a translation of this verse? Then it's שִׂמְחוּ בַאֲדֹנֵינוּ בְּכָל־עֵת וְעוֹד הַפַּעַם אֹמֵר אֲנִי שְׂמָחוּ (Delitzsch).
  3. berndf Moderator

    German (Germany)
    Just to be sure: You are aware that this bible passage is from the New Testament and the original language is Greek and not Hebrew?
  4. Codinome Shlomo Senior Member

    Portuguese (Brazil)
    Why is it "וְעוֹד הַפַּעַם", instead of "וְעוֹד פַּעַם"? Is there a difference between both?
  5. origumi Senior Member

    In modern Hebrew, and I believe also in other periods, both mean the same. AFAIK the expression (both variants) is post-Talmudic, I don't know when it was coined. I guess you may find explanations about the ה (definite article) that differ עוד פעם from עוד הפעם, but those are likely to be over-pedantic and insignificant statistically in texts and speech.

    See also the similar expression שוב פעם.
  6. arielipi Senior Member

    I believe its mostly figurative,
    עוד פעם would be once more, yet again, once again
    עוד הפעם would be this one more, yet this again, once again this or this once again.
  7. Codinome Shlomo Senior Member

    Portuguese (Brazil)
    Thank you, guys! :)

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