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    Hi everybody,

    I've found this sentence:
    "I'm always at my computer, and my phone carrier charges me more money for text messages."

    What does "carrier" mean in this context??

    Thanks for your help...
  2. dn88 Senior Member

    Your phone company.
  3. Majorbloodnock Senior Member

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    Your phone sends and receives signals. However, it doesn't communicate directly with another phone; the signals have to go across a network. In other words, they have to be carried from one phone to another. The phone carrier is the company that provides you with this service.
  4. Wertis

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    Right. Like air carrier providing service for transporting people and cargo from one place to another.
  5. ienakiko Senior Member


    Please help me to understand "carriers" in the following context:

    Location-based marketing can also be done in coordination with carriers.
    Mobile phone carriers can determine where their subscribers are based on
    GPS data from the phone, or based on the triangulation of radio signals
    sent to and from the phone

    It's something like retailers?


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    A mobile phone carrier is simply a company that has a network that enables you to communicate with your mobile phone (as opposed to a phone company that has only land lines, i.e. wired communications).

    As all the previous posters have noted. :D
  7. ienakiko Senior Member

    Thanks!! :)

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