Phone : "It's" or "I am" ?

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Hi there,

I wonder what is better to say, when you call somenone, to introduce yourself.

Do you say : "Hi, it's Loba."
Or : "Hi, I'm Loba."

Or maybe both are okay ?

(Oh, and actually in my context it would me more telepathy, but since telepathy doesn't exist I assumed it has the same rules that a phone call >.>)
  • If I am speaking to someone I have never spoken to before, I would say "Hello, my name is Loba". If I were calling a friend, I would say "Hello, it's Loba". If I were speaking to a company with whom I had done business, or which might have a reason to expect my call, I would say "This is Loba", followed by an explanation of who you were.


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    I would suggest using some of these variants in pretty much any situation... They sound a tad bit formal, but none of them sound odd in the least (to my ears):

    -"Hi, this is Loba."
    -"(Hi,) Loba speaking"
    -"Loba (insert last name)"

    The last one sounds more formal than the first two, but it's not uncommon. I know a good few people who answer their phones simply by saying their full name.
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