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    I'm looking for the English phonetic transcription of 'Seine' and 'Notre Dame',

    where can I find it on the web?

  2. DaleC Senior Member

    Why "the" English transcription and not the transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet? Do you mean to ask how these French words are pronounced in English?

    'tr' is pronounced 'chr' in English. Most Anglophones pronounce "Seine" as "sane", but the in standard French, the vowel is somehow a cross between the 'e' of "ten" or "when" and the 'a' of 'cat'; in fact, it's the "half open" 'e' as in Catalan or Portuguese or Italian (as opposed to the "half close" 'e'). Many Anglophones pronounce Notre Dame as "nochra dahm" ('o' as in 'coat', 'hole'), but the less sophisticated ones prefer ;) "noter dame" ('dame' rhyming with 'fame').

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