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    hola, estoy intentando traducir una cancion de REM(me encanta), pero tengo alguna duda. la cancion se titula "Falls to climb", y no se que significa "Phony maroney", no se si sera nombre propio o que. es una pena perderse el sentido de las canciones por no saber buen ingles...una pena.
    estaria muy agradecido si alguien me pudiera echar una mano con la traduccion..y en lo que yo pueda ayudar, pues solo pedirlo. soy nuevo en esto de los foros, pero creo que es una idea genial de colaboracion.
    bueno, no me extiendo mas,
    muchisimas gracias.:)

    ..."I'll pounce pony,
    Phony maroney,
    Pony before the cart..."
  2. maniega

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    Palencia (España)
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  3. pacotoro New Member

    ya esta modificado.
    he dejado solo varias lineas como contexto.
    lo siento.
  4. maniega

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    Palencia (España)
  5. toxicosmos

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    Español - España
    Hola, y bienvenido al foro.
    Esto es lo que he encontrado:

    "I'll be pounce pony, phoney maroney, pony before the cart."
    A pounce pony (or goat or other animal) is set out as bait to trap a carnivore, which is then killed. It is a sacrificial animal. [dillo] *
    From the traditional song "Boney Maroney" ["He saw horses, horses, horses, horses, horses, horses, horses, horses. Do you know how to pony like boney maroney], via Patti Smith's Horses album. [Ron Henry] *
    To put your horse before your cart is to have things (often, to have priorities) in the wrong order, screwed up. [Chris Piuma]

    Espero que pueda aclararte algo.
    Un saludo!
  6. maniega

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    Palencia (España)
  7. Gringosimo Senior Member

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    no reconosco el primero.

    el segundo, Phony maroney, es un modo coloquio de de años pasados de dicir que algo es falso or solamente Phoney.

    el tersero, "Pony before the cart", similar a "Cart before the horse" pero no se porque esta al reverso. Si posible algo que ver con la cancion.

    "Cart before the horse" es coloqio para asiendo algo antes de otra cosa que se necesitava aser primero.
  8. pacotoro New Member

    si, me esta siendo de gran ayuda. muchas gracias
    este foro es genial.
  9. enojado New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    It is obvious from the various word references that we are dealing with old irish and british meanings around the phrase "phony moroney"
    Phony, or fraud maroney could be the horse jockey who does a "wrong" choice of setting a horse ready and adjusting the cart last; with the risk of losing the horse and the cart, loaded, will not moved at all. It is also a proverb which advises to choose to perform "important" issues before going beserk and solve urgent matters first, that is, the horse before the cart. Also the jockey who is very flashy at the start line; but "loses" the horse race a few yards from the finish by not giving enough rope nor the last whip enough to win.
    Patti Smith and the Stranglers use a different metaphor. Boney Maroney, a two-word internal rhyme, a usual mnemotechnic word used in folk tales, is a symbol for death, the pale reaper, who brings horses to pull out of the scene the rebelious horse with the aid of quiet, safe bunch of horses, and once out, to be sacrified due to its unquiet mood.
    Not on the grim mood, Johnny Winter sings to "boney Moroney" to a slender, stringy girl who loves him back like no other girl does.

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