(phrase order) Complement + verb + subject

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From Frank MOORHOUSE, Grand days:
From Australia had arrived the chest containing [...]
It is not the first time I run across this type of structure, but it is indeed very rare. To my non-native ears this sounds very wrong (and in fact it sound a lot like an italianism), but given that it comes from a celebrated author I am in doubt now.
I would have said something like "the chest containing [...] had arrived from Australia", though I can see how, if the part inside the brackets were to be too long, this could become difficult to read.

So, is this wrong? Or is it almost correct? How does it sound to natives?

Thank you.
  • Chasint

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    It is not incorrect but it is unusual. I would say it is reminiscent of a narrative style used in novels written in the 1800s. I would not expect to hear it in conversation or even dialog from the 1800s.
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