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    Je voudrais savoir, qu'est ce que c'est 'une phrase simple et une phrase composee'?

    Merci d'avance
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    "une phrase simple" is a sentence made of only one clause (and therefore, one conjugated verb) : L'avion a atterri. Jacques est un homme.
    "une phrase composée" is a sentence made of more than one independant clause, i.e. each clause can stand for a whole sentence by itself : Le taxi est arrivé à l'hôtel et j'ai payé le chauffeur.
    "une phrase complexe" is made of more than one clause, one of which can't stand for a whole sentence by itself : Il est rentré à l'université et je trouve ça cool qu'il ait trouvé sa voie.
    The clause in italic means nothing if there isn't the previous clause. The first clause is independant, but since at least one clause isn't independant, it's a "phrase complexe".

    I hope it's clearer now.
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    Guill's explanation is excellent. In English, we call them simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences. There is also such a thing as a compound-complex sentence. The last example that Guill gives would be regarded as compound-complex in English.

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