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    Term: phubbing noun, uncountable

    Your definition or explanation:
    the act of rudely ignoring someone by looking at one's phone.


    See, that's why I hate phubbing. I was trying to tell you that Sarah wouldn't make it to tomorrow's meeting but you were too busy posting your location on FourSquare.

    One or more places you have seen the term: (Please give URLs/links to web pages, or a full description of a print publication.)

    "If phubbing were a plague it would decimate 6 Chinas"

    "It sounds cheerfully daft, but there's an uncomfortable truth at the heart of phubbing: other people are easier to handle when encountered on screen."

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    This is Alex Haigh's ( founder) definition:

    The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.
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    Hullo Swiftito. Yet another term that makes me extremely glad to have nothing to do with mobile phones. All we need now is a term for the torrent of abuse a mobile-phone-hater hurls at a mobile-phone-lover when the latter answers a text :)mad::mad::mad:) or a call :)mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:) during a 'phleshy' conversation with the former.
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    Spanish – Costa Rica (Valle Central)
    Aren't they obnoxious?

    By the way, there are two other related terms: a noun, 'phubber', the person who phubs and a verb 'to phub'.
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    to phub is pronunced with /^/?

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