physically mature yet mentally and socially immature...discriminative?

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I wrote the sentence below myself. Do you feel something discriminative about the highlighted part? One of my colleagues said it might sound offensive to a certain group of people, which I don't agree. If I said "mentally retarded" or "physically challenged", that might make some people feel uncomfortable. But in this sentence I can't find anything discrinative. How do you feel?

William: From your point of view, the grown-ups who still enjoy watching anime are physically mature yet mentally and socially immature.
  • The Newt

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    There's nothing in the terminology that's inherently offensive, and you're describing someone else's "point of view," so I don't see any problem with it.

    We say "discriminatory."

    Keith Bradford

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    Yes, that's discriminative all right! Well done William! (I can't understand the French passion for cartoon books, either, which they call 'illustrated novels'.)

    You might feel that William (or perhaps the person he's talking to) is mentally and socially mature but diplomatically challenged. But that's the fate of many critics...
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