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I'd like to start a Glossary about Physics/Astronomy/Mathematics, but sometimes the definitions would be just equation, in order not to create definition of 2,000 words.
E.g.: Momentum = mv,
m=mass, v=speed
Is it ok? Can I start it in Italian?
  • As long as equations work properly, I don't see anything wrong with your request. You can start it in Italian, of course, but it would be good to give the English equivalents, too, in order to translate them most accurately into the other languages.

    If your English isn't sufficient, you can ask for translation in the Italian forum. :)
    Thanks a lot!
    I'm sure it'll help!
    I admit it's taking longer than I had expected to find enough time for it...
    Correction F = m v where F is Force (not momentum). momentum is when you combine force with a lever
    Sorry, but your correction is wrong. It is momentum p = m * v. You confused it with moment (of a force). In Czech: momentum = hybnost, moment (of a force) = moment (síly)