"pianoforte", "violoncello", "omnibus", and "chili con carne"

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How often are "pianoforte", "violoncello", "omnibus" and "chili con carne" used as opposed to the short forms "piano", "cello", "bus" and "chili"? I'm assuming that they're not very commonly used.
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    Of that selection, the only one that I would consistently use is chilli con carne.
    Because I have many recipes for "chilli" that do not include "carne".

    Next, omnibus is often used in full to refer to an omnibus edition of something that otherwise appears on a daily basis. So, the omnibus edition of The Archers includes content from each of the daily broadcasts.

    Giordano Bruno

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    Certainly, I would distinguish between "chilli" and "chilli con carne"

    Pianoforte is sometimes used to distinguish it from the earlier forte-piano, otherwise it is rarely used.


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    Hi again Friddo,

    These words are hardly ever used in everyday English. Omnibus is almost never used as a substitute for bus. It is used in the American legislature, with regard to a certain kind of bill (called an omnibus bill), but that is a different thing entirely. And "chili con carne" is known by most people, but the phrase "chili" is almost always used instead.

    Hope that helps,
    God bless,
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