piastra tecnologica di degenze specialistiche a corpo quintuplo


Hello everyone!

"la realizzazione di una piastra tecnologica di degenze specialistiche a corpo quintuplo"
- "piastra tecnologica" in this case is a new building housing units with state-of-the-art equipment, to be staffed by highly-skilled personnel
- "a corpo quintuplo" if I understand correctly can be translated double corridor

But the rest? Who suggests some real English?

Thank you in advance!

Please correct every single mistake you find in my English ruthlessly. Thank you for doing me the greatest of favours.
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  • Anja.Ann

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    Ciao Wordspin :)

    Ok, I’m giving it a try … hoping that a native speaker can provide a final correction :)

    "The realization of a technologically advanced platform/facility, based on the five-section model , geared up for specialized hospitalization"

    “Corpo quintuplo” in a hospital usually refers to five major blocks (for instance: degenza - corridoio - servizi di nucleo - corridoio – degenza)

    I do hope a native expert can help you now :)

    I think that "facility" can be better than "platform" here. Ciao!
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