Piatnik's revenge

Discussion in 'Čeština (Czech)' started by franknagy, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. franknagy

    franknagy Senior Member

    I am sure we are playing with the card decks made of same manufacturer Piatnik for 150 years.
    Do Bohemian card players know the expression Piatnikova msta = Piatnik's revenge?
  2. franknagy

    franknagy Senior Member

    I use this expression for the case when somebody does not utilize his good cards and in the next deals he gets wrong cards [because of the revenge of the famous card manufacturer Ferdinand Piatnik's spirit].
  3. Maaveho New Member

    I have never heard such an expression.
  4. kelt

    kelt Senior Member

    Prague, CZ
    Czech Republic, Czech
    I agree with Maaveho – I never heard the expression in Czech. Although Piatnik, as a cards manufacturer, is known in the Czech Republic.
  5. franknagy

    franknagy Senior Member

    Hi Kelt,
    Please quote some typical sayings or stories of Czech cars players.
    Let me return to the original question: What do yo say when you had missed to win with your excellent deal and after it you got wrong cards in series?
  6. kelt

    kelt Senior Member

    Prague, CZ
    Czech Republic, Czech
    Smůla, smolka, nebylo mi shůry dáno, neměl jsem štěstí. These are only general sayings, not sure to which degree they're relevant to the game of cards.

    Maybe others, more passionate card players, will know better.

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