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  1. catatonia.today

    catatonia.today Senior Member

    USA English
    I was looking for a good way to say this in English in a literary context, this one:

    Té una sorpresa molt grata, tot el personal del bufet l’espera amb un pica-pica per celebrar el seu aniversari.

    And then I saw this on termcat:

    ca Pica-pica
    es Pica-pica (surtido de pequeñas raciones de entrantes)
    fr Pica-pica (assortiment d'amuse-gueules)
    it Pica-pica (assortimento di piccole vivande)
    en Pica-pica (variety of small portions of food)
    de Pica-pica (Auswahl an kleinen Häppchen)

    But seriously, do we say that in English for this? I have to say that I'm honestly not sure. And I like termcat, but I find it hard to trust them after seeing some of the things they have drastically wrong for gastronomical terms and their direct translation of responsable as responsible.
  2. Orreaga

    Orreaga Senior Member

    New Mexico
    USA; English
    an array/spread/assortment of tapas/snacks...something along these lines?
  3. Titchus New Member

    English (British)
    I'd say appetizers, or snacks.

    Edited to add: Finger foods. A buffet of finger foods...
  4. catatonia.today

    catatonia.today Senior Member

    USA English
    Ah, finger foods is nice. That didn't even come to mind. I'm strongly considering keeping pica-pica in the English now, though. I did some google searches and asked around...it seems we do use this in English.
  5. cylentj

    cylentj Senior Member

    It seems that now that the Spanish cuisine is spreading, Tapas could also be an option.
  6. jj3118 Senior Member

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    English y Español (Costa Rica)
    Catatonia.today- I have never heard this term in english and maybe some people do use it but I think the "en" referred to the definition being in english, not that it is an english term. :)
  7. avellanainphilly

    avellanainphilly Senior Member

    Catalan, Spanish
    Well, no, it was meant to be a translation (that's how this termcat dictionary works), but admitedly it's really not a good one. Who uses this in English, Catatonia? In which country/region, I mean?
  8. Azzurra Senior Member

    Hola :)
    Mi inglés es espantoso... pero si te puede servir de algo, tampoco en italiano se diría pica-pica, creo que casi nadie lo entendería... Aquí se diría algo como "buffet in piedi" o sea "stand-up buffet" o algo por el estilo... También decimos "buffet all'americana" pero a veces se confunde con los buffet donde luego te sientas...

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