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This text is about a car, but it´s a bit poetic, so it seems very hard translating it in English.. I have doubts about few things.

Encontré un diseño impecable de líneas perfectas, un compacto con trazo deportivo y un deportivo compacto, con un morro dulce y picaron el Mito esconde su agresividad detrás del escudo de Alfa Romeo.

I came across an impeccable (gorgeous) design with perfect lines, at the same time a compact car with a sports stroke and a compact sports car, with a nose (I'm not sure what word to use for MORRO), the Mito hides away its aggressiveness behind the shield of Alfa Romeo.

Is this word correct?
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    sorry gurseal, I didn´t see your post, yeap PICARON exists, it means: Wise guy, clown, jokester, cutup, a real character, a lovable nut, a real card...as an adjective.. naughty.. mainly..


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    There still remains the interpretation of el morro dulce y picarón.
    What about sweet but naughty/mischievous front end?
    I agree, according to WR dictionary. But what about "wicked"?

    wicked and "pícaro" comparison:

    1. Evil by nature and in practice: "this wicked man Hitler, the repository and embodiment of many forms of soul-destroying hatred" Winston S. Churchill.
    [Not too much really]
    2. Playfully malicious or mischievous: a wicked prank; a critic's wicked wit.
    [Very accurate]
    3. Severe and distressing: a wicked cough; a wicked gash; wicked driving conditions.
    [It's not the sense]
    4. Highly offensive; obnoxious: a wicked stench.
    [Pícarón is not highly offensive]
    5. Slang Strikingly good, effective, or skillful: a wicked curve ball; a wicked imitation.
    [Right, especially in that sentence]


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    I think that wicked is a very strong word, Picarón is naughty, silly.. quite softer.. wicked is something mean..