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    I have been having difficulty with this one important word from my childhood. Does anyone know if in Sicilan dialect the word pronounced biccidido is actually supposed to mean picciolino? My grandmother always referred to us as biccidido or biccididi when we were little.

    Example: I biccididi hanno fame. Dobbiamo mangiare presto! (The children are hungry. We have to eat soon!)

    Mille grazie
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    Thank you! I'm not sure why this didn't come up when I searched for it!
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    Hi there, I am originally from Sicily. I think that what you remember your grandmother was saying is : "picciriddu/ picciriddi". It means (IT) "bambino/i" (EN) "child, children".
    I have never heard the word "biccidido", neither the word "picciolino". I guess what you refer to as "picciolino" is in Italian "piccolino", which means "little one".

    I hope I have been useful and it is fantastic to remember grandparents :)))

    Take care !
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    Mille grazie. I think you are correct. I wish I had a Sicilian dictionary. I am sure I would find these two words there.
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