piccole grandi realtà che credono nell'accoglienza.

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    Sto traducendo la dedica di un libro, e c'è questa frase che non riesco proprio a rendere in inglese (in realtà mi suona maluccio anche in italiano)...
    Mi date una mano? / I'm translating the dedication of a book, and there is this sentence that doesn't sound good at all in English (but neither in Italian....) Can you help me?

    Questa pubblicazione la dedichiamo alle nostre guide, ai nostri albergatori, ai nostri ristoranti,a tutte quelle piccole grandi realtà che credono nell’accoglienza.

    My attempt:

    This pubblication is dedicated to our guides, to our hoteliers, to our restourants, to all of those simple but important realities that believe in welcome.
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    Bath, England
    A suggestion:

    NB Publication - one "b" and "restaurant" with an "a" ;)

    Personally, I don't like "believe in hospitality" so I've added something which might be a little more poetic sounding :)
  3. edfnl

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    Yes, sorry I have some trouble with my keyboard :p
    Uhm, I like your suggestions!

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